You Need To Take Your DUI Charges Seriously

Driving under the influence (or DUI) is one of the most commonly committed crimes in the United States. Unfortunately, because this crime is so common, many people make the mistake of taking their DUI arrests lightly instead of seeking appropriate legal representation.

At Gladden Legal, LLC, it is my goal to defend your rights and reduce or eliminate the charges against you. One mistake shouldn't define you. An experienced DUI defense lawyer can help you get back to your life.

On Your Side Every Step Of The Way

Georgia takes DUI very seriously, and the penalties can be steep — you may lose your license, receive a large fine and face jail time. Additionally, your insurance rates can be increased and you may even be shut out from some job opportunities due to your conviction.

Were you arrested for boating under the influence (BUI)? Laws and procedures regarding this area of law are different from DUIs, but the penalties can be just as severe. Contact my office immediately for an experienced defense.

With the stakes being so high, experience has never been more important. I personally walk my clients through every part of their case so they are never alone during this difficult time in their lives.

Get The Capable Defense Your Case Demands

Whether this is your only DUI charge or your third, I can provide the support, advice and representation you need to fight your DUI charge. A conviction can have a long-lasting effect on your future. So you should always choose an attorney you can trust to advocate for your freedom and best interests.

My entire legal career has been dedicated to defending those accused of criminal charges in Georgia. I care a great deal about not only the outcome of your case, but getting you back on your feet as well.

If you are arrested for drunk driving charges, don't wait to contact an attorney for help. Call my Roswell office at 770-615-7198 for your initial case evaluation, or reach out online to get started.