Trusted Defense For Georgia Traffic Violations

Nearly every driver in Roswell and across North Georgia knows what it feels like to receive a traffic ticket. While some of these tickets may seem small relative to other criminal charges, the consequences could be serious.

At Gladden Legal, LLC, I personally help my clients through their most sensitive criminal cases. No matter how serious or how minor, you should always defend your rights and your freedoms when facing a traffic violation. I can help you minimize your penalties and possibly avoid your traffic ticket altogether.

Why Do You Need A Traffic Ticket Attorney?

What may seem like a minor traffic ticket could have long-lasting consequences. While many people choose to simply pay the ticket and move on, this could cost you much more than simply the fine itself.

One traffic ticket could bump up your auto insurance rates, and if you are caught again in the future, you could face much steeper fines and other harsh penalties. Additionally, if you are ticketed with a more serious traffic violation or receive a high and aggravated misdemeanor (such as from leaving the scene of an accident or committing a third DUI), you may be facing jail time.

Without a criminal defense attorney to protect your rights, you may be at the mercy of law enforcement, prosecutors and judges — none of whom are tasked with looking out for your best interests. That is why you should always have an experienced lawyer look through your case and provide guidance on how to get the best possible result.

Don't Let One Slip-Up Affect Your Future

We all make mistakes. You shouldn't have to suffer from this mistake for years to come.

Trust in my law firm for the support you need. Don't just pay your traffic ticket; call my office at 770-615-7198 to get started on your case, or reach out online to make your appointment today.