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January 2019 Archives

Programs use alternatives to incarceration for violent crimes

The FIRST STEP Act, which became a law in 2018, may affect some federal prisoners in Georgia who were convicted of nonviolent crimes, but a large portion of the prison population will not benefit from this reform. However, some jurisdictions are working to introduce alternatives to incarceration, even for people who have committed violent crimes, with some success.

The true impact of low-level charges

Georgia residents who are charged with a misdemeanor could face jail time or a fine. However, for some defendants, it can be difficult to pay fines and other costs associated with going through the criminal justice system. A lack of financial resources can also influence how their cases play out. This is because they may not have the money needed to pay bail, which means that it could be several days spent in jail before seeing a judge.

Can the First Offender Act benefit me?

Having a criminal record can limit housing and job opportunities, making it difficult to put the past behind you. However, if you are a first-time offender, you may be able to be sentenced under the First Offender Act. Then, if you successfully complete your sentence and probation, a conviction or charge will not appear on your record.

Man faces drug charges after probation-office arrest

A 25-year-old Georgia man is facing drug charges after he was taken into custody by the state's probation office. The Milledgeville man had gone to the probation office in order to check in at a scheduled meeting with his probation officer. Before being allowed to enter the meeting, he was searched for the presence of weapons. Even though no weapons were discovered, the probation officer later ordered the man to turn out the pockets of his pants. During that time, the officer said that he noticed a small plastic packet containing a white powder.

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