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The true impact of low-level charges

Georgia residents who are charged with a misdemeanor could face jail time or a fine. However, for some defendants, it can be difficult to pay fines and other costs associated with going through the criminal justice system. A lack of financial resources can also influence how their cases play out. This is because they may not have the money needed to pay bail, which means that it could be several days spent in jail before seeing a judge.

Those who cannot pay fines or other fees could be sentenced to jail time, which could result in additional financial penalties. To some, these fines are considered to be a regressive tax on the poor. A lack of funds could also mean using a public defender instead of hiring an attorney. With 13 million misdemeanor cases in the United States each year, public defenders are often pressured to not file motions or take other steps to help clients.

This may result in a potentially innocent person being convicted or agreeing to a plea deal for a crime that he or she didn't commit. Race can also play a role in how a misdemeanor case is resolved. White defendants are far more likely to have misdemeanor charges involving jail time reduced or dismissed entirely.

Individuals who hire criminal defense attorneys may be more likely to obtain favorable outcomes in their cases. This may be done by filing motions or raising other concerns about how a case was handled by police or other figures. These and other steps may result in evidence being suppressed or obtaining other favorable rulings from a judge. Ultimately, it may weaken the case against a defendant enough to result in a plea deal that involves no jail time or having a case dismissed.

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