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How government shutdowns affect women's shelters

A government shutdown is looming unless lawmakers can reach a deal that includes a temporary spending measure. This is of concern to many individuals, including those seeking protection at domestic violence shelters. Some domestic violence shelters in Georgia and around the country are funded by the federal government. Some are still reeling from the loss of funding that came during the shutdown earlier in 2019.

Although the government reopened in February 2019, there is little assurance that there won't be another shutdown in the future. President Trump was clear when he said that he would not rule out the possibility of there being another shutdown. From his administration's perspective, shutting down the government is a tool that could be used to get funding for the border wall.

The uncertainty that this brings for women who depend on shelters is evident. Many women who are currently living in a shelter for protection against domestic violence worry about where they would go if the shelter was no longer available.

Some women's shelters receive more than 50 percent of their funding from the federal government. This means that a delay in federal funding would have a swift impact on the services they could provide. This is more prominently felt in areas that are outside of metropolitan centers. Suburbs and cities may get additional funding from nonprofit organizations or donations from the community.

When a person is accused of domestic violence, they may want to speak to a criminal defense attorney. A criminal defense attorney is not solely for people who are guilty nor are their services just for those who are innocent of a crime. The job a criminal defense attorney does is essential to the overall health of the justice system so much so that if an individual cannot afford an attorney, the state will provide one for them.

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