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How authorities combat drugged driving

There is no single test that can determine if a driver in Georgia or anywhere else is driving under the influence of drugs such as marijuana. However, it may be possible to determine if a driver has THC or other controlled substances in his or her system. This may be done by drawing an individual's blood and checking for any substances that could cause impairment. Police officers may be able to obtain warrants for blood draws electronically.

Warrants are necessary in the event that drivers refuse to give a blood sample voluntarily. Electronic warrants can usually be obtained within minutes, which is important because drugs will metabolize as time passes. The sooner that a warrant is obtained, the more likely it is that an officer can obtain proof that a driver is impaired by one or more controlled substances.

A blood test is not the only way in which an officer may determine if a driver is impaired. The officer may look at the way a driver is behaving during a traffic stop or carefully observe an individual during a field sobriety test. Those who have bloodshot eyes or show other physical signs of drug use may also be taken into custody for driving while impaired. Even if marijuana is legal in a given jurisdiction, it is never legal to drive while under its influence.

If a driver is charged with drunk or impaired driving, he or she may want to consult with a DUI defense attorney. An attorney may be able to have a charge dismissed or negotiate a plea deal for a defendant. This may be done by asserting that an individual was not impaired at the time of a traffic stop or that there was no reason to conduct one at all.

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