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How to defend against domestic violence charges

Individuals of either gender can be victims or perpetrators of domestic violence. However, it is also possible that a person in Georgia or any other state will face a charge for a crime that he or she may not have committed. There are many defenses that a person can use against a charge of domestic violence such as asserting that someone else actually committed the crime.

The chances of this defense being successful may hinge on whether a defendant has a quality alibi. A person who has been charged with domestic violence may also assert that an action was taken in self-defense or to protect a child. It may also be possible to claim that the person who claims to be a victim consented to whatever he or she experienced. Defendants may also claim that they are the victims of false allegations against them.

It is not uncommon for a person to claim that a former partner abused them as a way to gain leverage in a child custody or divorce case. However, police reports and other evidence may be used to show that a claim is false or exaggerated. Finally, it may be possible to defend against a domestic violence charge by asserting that there is no proof or not enough proof that a violent act took place.

Those who are charged with domestic violence could experience a variety of negative consequences whether they're convicted or not. In some cases, individuals could experience strained relationships with friends or family members in addition to potentially losing a job. An attorney may be able to help clear a person's name and restore his or her reputation in the community. Police records, witness statements and other evidence may show that an individual was falsely accused of a crime.

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